Are You Prepared For A Major Snow Storm

Dated: 02/20/2019

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Are you prepared for Winter Weather? If not, here is a checklist to keep on hand to make sure you and your family is safe during the upcoming MAJOR Winter Weather Warning! We Native Prescottonians don't know what to expect from this but it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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Prescott 15 to 21 inches

Prescott Valley 11 to 17 inches 

Chino Valley 9 to 15 inches 

Paulden 9 to 15 inches

Camp Verde 4 to 6 inches  

*WHAT...Periods of moderate to heavy snow will develop early this
evening over western Coconino county and the Kaibab Plateau.
This precipitation will work southward into Yavapai county by
Midnight MST. Periods of snow will continue, heavy at times,
through Thursday and Thursday night. Rain may mix with snow at
times below 3500 feet, especially during Thursday afternoon.
Precipitation will become showery later Friday morning and end
by Friday evening. Travel will be very difficult to impossible.
* WHERE...Camp Verde, Chino Valley, Congress, Cottonwood,
Fredonia, Grand Canyon, Jacob Lake, North Rim, Paulden,
Prescott, Prescott Valley, Seligman and Valle.
* WHEN...8 PM today to 11 AM Friday.
* ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Look for significant reductions in
visibility at times. Areas of blowing and drifting snow.

What to Prepare...WAY Before 

 Make sure you have a 3 day supply of water (3 gallons per person) and easy to prepare food. 

 Purchase a NOAA Weather Radio 

 Make sure you have a good shovel. 

 Purchase a supply of flashlights and candles. 

 Clean and inspect your chimney if you have one. Make sure you have a supply of wood. 

 Make sure you have an ample supply of blankets 

 Clear rain gutters and repair roof leaks.

 Research and purchase an alternate way of cooking. 

 Install carbon monoxide alarms in your home. 

 Learn how to care for frostbite and hypothermia

  Weather strip any drafty doors or windows. 

 Purchase rock salt (or something similar) to help you keep walkways safe. 

 Install good winter tires on your car and make sure the wipers work well. 

 Make sure you have fire extinguishers in your home and that everyone can use them. 

 Consider purchasing a good supply of heat packs. 

 Consider purchasing a kerosene heater. Make sure it is legal in your area. 

What to Prepare Days Before 

 Fill your gas tank. 

 Check your supplies of flashlights, lanterns etc. Make sure they are easily accessible. 

 Charge your cell phones and other electronics. 

 Pull out any generators / large battery backups that you have. 

 Check antifreeze levels in your car. 

 Make sure all adults in your house know how to shut of your main water valve. 

 If you will be separated from family members, make sure you know where they are before the storm and where / whenyou will meet up after. 

 Make sure you know how to manually operate your electric garage door.

What to do During: 

 If temperatures are extremely low, turn on every faucet so that it is just barely dripping. 

 Open kitchen and sink cabinets and wrap them in newspaper to help insulate them. 

 Keep your thermostat set as high during the night as you have it during the day.

  Avoid driving. If you must drive, make certain you have emergency supplies in your car. 

 Keep your radio nearby and listen for updates. 

 Stay Dry! Change your clothes immediately if you get wet. 

 Use Flashlights before candles to avoid the risk of house fire. 

 If your pipes freeze, warm them with a hair dryer. Or wrap them in rags. Open all faucets and pour hot water over thepipes, starting where they were most exposed to the cold. 

 Use WD-40 on your snow shovel to make shoveling easier. 

 If the power goes out, put towels at the bottoms of doors that have gaps and cover single paned or drafty windows withblankets. Close doors to un-needed rooms. 

 Dress in layers. Put on tights and / or long underwear and then more loose fitting, light weight clothing. End with warmsocks and a hoodie. Keep head and feet warm. You can also cover your mouth with a scarf. Also, EAT! This will helpyour body produce more heat. Have your entire family get in the same bed if possible to share warmth. 

 If an extended power outage is expected, put frozen food outside and refrigerated food in the garage. These will likelybe colder than your fridge (without power) after a day or so. 

 Unplug any important electrical equipment to avoid a surge when power is restored.


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